AO: Copper Beach

When: 10/05/2022


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Doogie, Frostbyte, Jimmy Choo, Kimchi, Kingpin, MacDaddy, Thighmaster,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: ThighMaster

The BackBlast:

This is the gloom. Very dark morning. Cooler weather. Quiet Sleepy Neighborhood all around Copper Beach. Only people out moving were the 7 F3 PAX out to push each other to get better.

For YHC, after a week a way with travel and marathon prep – it felt way too long since I had been out in the gloom. Man did I need this.

After the standard disclaimer – even pausing to reinforce the modify as needed concept to Doogie, just over a week out of surgery – the PAX were ready.


SSH IC x 25

LBAC forward IC x 10 + OH Seal Claps IC x 20 + reverse Fonzies IC x 15

Merkins SC x 20 (don’t recover) + Plank Jacks IC 15 + Mountain Climbers IC 10

Willie Mays Hays IC x 10

Burpees 5 OYO

Mosey/warm lap to the south of the part and return back to the picnic tables


Had the PAX split up into 2 man teams.

I also brought out the white board to record our reps and times.

Round One – Partner A would do step-ups on the picnic table benches and keep track of their reps (a full rep is both feet up on the bench, and then back down on the ground) until Partner B would got back.  Meanwhile, Partner B would tell them – Be Right Back – and Bear crawl across the parking lot and back (seemed like a good idea when I was planning this).  We used a large stopwatch App on YHC’s phone to track the time of the bear crawl lap.  Partner B would look at the clock and note his time when returning. When this round was done – Each PAX would record their Reps or their time on the white board. I told the PAX we would add up the numbers later (sorta!).  Then we Flap Jacked and had the partners switch places and complete the rep and record reps/time.

Round Two – Partner A would do dips on the benches and track their reps. Partner B promised to Be Right Back and Lunged stepped across the parking lot, and sprinted back. Like round one, we recorded reps/time and flapjacked.

Round Three – Partner A would start a MED series of Merkins.  Meaning, 10 Merkins, 10 Erkins (Merkins with hands up on the benches), and 10 Derkins (Merkins with feet up on the benches). After the Derkins, Partner A would start over again with Merkins and continue until Partner B returned.  Meanwhile, Partner B ran as fast as they could around the track to the south of the park and back.  Like prior rounds, we recorded reps and time and the flapjacked.

After all three rounds the PAX suspected it was time to tally up the scores…except that it wasn’t.  Be Right Back took on an additional meaning, as the YHC informed the PAX we would go BACK and complete the rounds again. This time, our goal was to beat our own times from the first Rounds.

This was a popular decision with the PAX.

The message – It’s You vs You – and you are trying to beat yourself, while honoring your partner with max effort. Second message, we want to learn to push the whole time and not let up.

Well, the PAX pushed hard. In the 2nd round we saw Frostbyte smash his first round time in one of the fastest bear crawls you will ever see. Not every PAX matched or beat their first time/reps – but it was extreme effort trying.

Great work boys!



  • F3 Knowhere posting here last weekend, prepping to soft launch in Weston Idaho this weekend.
  • Jason in Cedar City working toward a soft launch in the near future.
  • Prayed for:
    • Domo’s M recovering from ACL surgery
    • Flush’s new baby girl!

One discussion I wanted to share – as I rode the bus to the starting point of the marathon this past weekend – one of the guys I talked to heard that it was  my first marathon at the age of 52. He thought that was pretty crazy. Yet, in F3 – we don’t see age as limit. we just go out there and try to get better every day. Marathons? Spartans? Hiking to the Peek of huge mountains? Long Rucks? Iron PAX Challenges? All those are possible because we get up in the gloom and get better physically and mentally together.  Let’s keep it up. Let’s share it with more guys.

Until next time,


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