AO: The Shadows

When: 03/20/2021


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Coco, Domo, Frostbyte, Geronimo, Kingpin, Sandbag, Thighmaster,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Geronimo

QIC: Frostbyte

The BackBlast:

In honor of our recent injured reserve list, and also March Madness currently underway, today’s workout celebrated the benchwarmers. Also, the real reason we were using the benches is there are in a covered pavilion at the splash pad and YHC knew there was a cold front and associated rain on the way. The rain ended up holding off for the entirety of our workout (but not FIA / Donut Ruck / SoJo Run Club which all too place afterward). Even without the rain, this ended up being a quality beatdown worthy of a repeat at some point in the future.

The Warmup

A variety of classic warmup moves including but not limited to SSH, Willie Mays Hayes, arm circles and many other variations of the sort, ‘muricans, squats, slow squats, and general farting around to give Kingpin and our FNG Geronimo enough time to arrive and join. We found out Geronimo’s day started deep in Utah County (Payson maybe?) so some tardiness was excused. Getting to know Geronimo provided us with great conversation through the workout. Finished up the warmup with a mosey around the field and a trip to the splash pad benches.

The Thang

Very simple: a round of tricep dips, Air-icans, box jumps, and D’ericans. (ya know, all bench-related moves). Well, there was a little more to it. We paired up into teams. While one teammate was running the track around the greenspace next to the splash pad, the other was doing AMRAP of the move at hand. When the teammate arrived, they would swap, i.e. the benchwarmer would then have a go at the run and the runner would have a turn at AMRAP’ing the move. 4 rounds of this and all PAX were pretty well toasted.

1 Minute of Mary

As we were mosey’ing back to the starting point, a familiar sight greeted us: a tan-colored SUV. We found Coco tailgating by his lonesome self, one of our true benchwarmers right now on the injured reserve list currently thanks to skiing acrobatics. Coco declined an invitation to join our Minutes of Mary. PAX eager to discuss the injury and recovery with Coco drained the clock a little and left us with 1 Minute of Mary. Luckily, Kingpin had a great ab move suggestion. In honor of Marvelous Marvin Hager who passed on just recently, with did the Marvin luge ab move Q’ed by Kingpin (YHC regrettably forgot the exact name of it).


Coco did wander over for the COT upon invitation, and was thus included in our total attendance here and in the name-a-rama. We said a prayer for Hollywood’s recovery post car accident and others remaining on the injured reserve that we hope to have join us soon.

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