When: 11/16/2022


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Flux Capacitor, Lockout, MacDaddy, Sludge, Thighmaster,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: MacDaddy

The BackBlast:

5 pax arrived to celebrate the hard launch of the 14th (that was our theme number) F3SaltLake AO for a black tie event at MVP.  After a warmarama that consisted of: SSH, Body weight squat, abe vigoda’s, willie mays hayes, LBAC, imperial walkers, and a short mosey, the black tie event began.

Burpees, 14

Lindsey’s, 13 merkins with 1 dip (14), 12 merkins with 2 dips, 11 merkins with 3 dips…kept going until we got to 1 merkin and 13 dips

Aiken legs, 14 Body weight squat, 14 (each leg) step ups, 14 (each leg) lunches with blocks, 14 monkey humpers I.C.

Colt 42’s, 14 bottom to halfway CFTG, 14 halfway to top CFTG, 14 full CFTG

Kettlebells, 14 I.C.


Thunderstruck, hold plank while playing thunderstruck by AC/DC.  Do a merkin everytime the song says thunder(struck).

Individual Medley Mary, 14 Freddie Mercury I.C., 14 box cutters I.C., 14 American Hammers I.C., 14 (I think @lockout called these) mary coopers I.C.

Escalators, 14 overhead press, 14 tricep extension, 14 CFTG, 14 merkins

Still had 2 minutes left so we finished where we started…burpees.

We referenced a post from @kingpin from several months back to set the tone for MVP…no growth in the comfort zone, no comfort in the growth zone

@thighmaster presented MacDaddy with the MVP shovel and stars and stripes

Closed in prayer after Namarama and family photo.  Prayed for complete healing for @Domo.  Prayed for @shorttimer to finish strong at Marine boot camp this week and @Flux Capacitor and the family as they travel to San Diego next week for shorttimer’s graduation.

Finished up the black tie event with some coffee and sugar free hot chocolate.


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