When: 05/10/2023


Number of Pax: 3

Pax Names: Flux Capacitor, MacDaddy,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: MacDaddy

The BackBlast:

Thanks to Sweetems from St Louis for coming out and the hard work these guys put in this morning.  Iron sharpened this morning.
25 SSH
15 Body Weight Squat IC
10 Abe Vegods’s
10 Grass Grabbers
10 Willie Mays Hays
LBAC (10 forward, 10 senior citizens, 10 reverse)
10 Merkins IC
10 Box Cutters IC
Outside the Box Modification
So that we were forced to move, we had 2 exercises at each flag that we had to run between.
Flag 1 (F3 flag)
20 jump squats, run about 20 yards to coupons for 19 CFTG, back for 18 jump squats, back for 17 CFTG, and back and forth until we got to 1 CFTG.  Then we ran half mile up to the huge flag by US Bank and repeated the process with 20 merkins, 19 WWII sit ups, back for 18 merkins, and so on until we got down to 1 WWII sit up.
Then ran half mile back to F3 flag at #mvp.  Got back with 3 minutes to spare.  Each PAX called out an exercise for family time.  Sweetems did Imperial Walkers (10 IC), flux Capacitor didn’t think we had enough merkins, so he called out 10 more IC, and then we finished with 20 frozen flutter kicks.
MARY: just the flutter kicks to end
ANNOUNCEMENTS: flux Capacitor will be away on work for the next 2 weeks and I will be out of town next Tuesday and Wednesday, so we are needing some help for Q’ing.
COT: Talked about the 4 quadrants of F3: Get right, live right, lead right, leave right.  closed in prayer

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