AO: Elk Lodge

When: 06/21/2022


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Domo, Lockout, Step Stool, Thighmaster,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: ThighMaster

The BackBlast:

Haven’t Qed at Elk Lodge in a while, but its always a privilege – this was the first AO for F3 Salt Lake.

A few PAX were traveling, but 4 showed up and there was work to be done.

More specifically, there were Merkins to be done.


WMH IC x 10

Grass Grabbers IC x 10

SSH IC x 25

LBAC forward IC x 12, Overhead Seal Claps IC x 12, Angry Fonzi in reverse IC x 12

Imperial Walkers IC x 10

Clock Merkins 12 x 3 for 36, one more set – for a total of 39.

The PAX then moseyed to Pull-up Bridge…


Once on top of Pull-up Bridge, we did no pull-ups. Instead…

PAX did 3 Merkins at first overhead bar, then bear crawled to the next bar and did the 3 merkins. Continued the pattern all the way across the bridge that goes over Bangerter Highway. Total: 3 x 14 = 42 Merkins (running total now: 81)

PAX then moseyed to Elk Meadows Elementary and occupied the Bus Loading Zone.

Starting at the  pedestrian crossing on one end, PAX did one Merkin, then ran hard to the pedestrian crossing on the other end for two Merkins. Then back for 3, and so on and so on until we got to 10.  PAX were given a quick breather, and then…

Starting with 10 again, we worked our way back down to one.  Total 110 Merkins (running total now: 191).

PAX moseyed to the playground on the side of the school and stopped at the swings.  PAX then completed 10 Swerkins. (running total now: 201).

PAX moseyed back to pull-up bridge and we discovered very good news…there was time to repeat the Merkin/Bear Crawl combo we used to cross originally. Thats 42 more Merkins (running total now: 243)

PAX moseyed back to the flag for 7 more merkins to get us to 250!

Followed by a little Mary: 30 IC Flutter Kicks and 30 IC X Factors


PAX talked about…

  • Kingpin’s Cabin event on Saturday. Details: timing and food sign-up should be circulated shortly.
  • Father’s Day and needing to stay strong so we can continue to lead well
  • The new soft launch in Draper, possible name Pig Face.
  • Encourage PAX to get on the Q schedule

Going to feel this one tomorrow. Great work today by the F3 Salt Lake PAX!



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