AO: The Shadows

When: 06/11/2022


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Domo, Frostbyte, Jimmy Choo, Kingpin, Knope, Thighmaster,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Frostbyte

The BackBlast:


Side Shuffle Hop, Grass grabbers, Imperial Walkers, Copperhead Merkins, Body Weight Squats, full Little Baby Arm Circles routine with Angry Fonzies and Michael Phelps sprinkled in

The Thang

Mosied to the Rock Garden.

YHC explained the concept of the seesaw races. 3 parts

  1. Left side: 1 Diamond Merkins
  2. Fulcrum (middle): 10 Bradley Coopers aka WWII Situps
  3. Right side: 9 Copperhead Merkins
  • Sprint between each station, starting with the left side, stopping at the middle, to the right side, then back, again stopping at the middle.
  • For the second time through, the left side is 2 Diamond Merkins and the right side is 8 Copperhead Merkins, while the middle is unchanged. In other words, the seesaw is tilting towards the right side.
  • Keep adding to the left side and subtracting from the right each time through until the seesaw is tipped the other way.
  • To ensure the PAX pushed the entire seesaw, we turned it into a race between pairs of evenly matched PAX.

After one set, YHC realized that this was going to take much longer than anticipated. Also, the 2.0 was having a breakdown which required YHC to sprint to my car and back. Lastly, the sprinklers at the field came on, adding an extra obstacle (and cool-off opportunity!). With limited time remaining, we shorted the length of the seesaw for set two, which was jump squats on the left side and body weight squats on the right. PAX completed just in time for the bell at the top of the hour, then moseyed back to the flags.

Circle of Trust

Discussed upcoming events (Mt Olympus hike, Kingpin’s Cabin II).

Discussed logistics of Knope’s home sale, move, and perhaps planting a flag on the Oregon Coast.

Knope closed us out.

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