AO: The Shadows

When: 04/15/2023


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Black Diamond, Cowabunga, Frostbyte, Jimmy Choo, Kingpin, MacDaddy, Mayhem, NCMO, Raging Cheetah, The Colonel, Thighmaster,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names:

QIC: Mayhem

The BackBlast:

/Backblast #theshadows

Date: 4/15/2023

Q: @Mayhem

Count: 13.5

FNG: 1, @Yardsale



SHH x15 in cadence

Merkins slow count x10

Leg stretches, all slow count x10

– Willy May Haze

– The 4, alt pigeon on the 6

– Grass Grabbers

Unmotivaters 1 -> 5, thanks @NCMO for helping out

Mosey 1/2 field loop

Mercy Burpees 15 oyo


TheThang: Taxation, tax y’rself to be better

Bonus: add a coupon or ruck for more Taxation. Many did round 1 without and later picked up a coupon.

OYO, loop aprox 1/4 of the field

Travel between stations, alternate sprinting and hustling

Station 1 at the flag: Merkins x20

Station 2 at the play ground: Step-ups x10 each leg

Station 3 at the field house: flutter kicks x40

Station 4 mid-field, which later was moved to out of bounds: 4 point compass lunges x4 (which is 4 forward, 4 back, 8 side to side)


During lap 3, @NCMO & @ThighMaster, indicated mixing it up would help prevent injuries and boredom

Station 1 became Squats

Station 2 became Overhead Press

Station 3 became Curls for the Girls

Station 4 became Blockies aka burpees with a coupon


Finished off with some Mary’s

– Freddy Mercury’s

– Leg Lifts


Wrap Up:


– Escalante Trip in June

– Solar Eclipse 10/14/23 crosses Utah, let’s bounce a few plans

– NCMO’ 2.1 dedication coming quick

– The Q schedule is still wide open. Let’s see a few more VQ cards get turned in.

– #spartan training is opening up again, check that channel for details.

– I know I am missing a few. Please leave them in the comments.


Congrats to

@Kingpin 3.6 is here

@Domo, joined us for Coffeeteria, cancer free


Final thought


– Thought,  Names have meaning.


@ThighMaster closed us out in prayer.


Thanks to all who came out. Thanks to all who stepped up to help me out with my VQ. I look forward more of what F³ brings.



@BlackDiamond @ShirleyTemple @Jimmy Choo @Cowabunga @NCMO @Frostbyte (and Webslinger) @Raging Cheetah @Yardsale (FNG) @Kingpin @The Colonel @MacDaddy @ThighMaster. If I missed anyone or misspelled anyone’s name please comment. Thanks


Finally, soccer season is upon us. Workouts should clear the field by 7:45 as the players begin to show and games begin at 8.

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