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Boot Camp: This is the basic, Pearls on a String F3 workout — a mix of running and set pieces involving body-weight exercises. Running segments don’t generally go for longer than a quarter-mile at a single stretch.

CORE: A Boot Camp workout with minimal running. Often targeted at those coming off IR or with running-related injuries or conditions that require little running.

Run with Pain Stations: A run with Boot Camp exercises mixed in at regular intervals. Run segments generally of a half-mile or more.

Cycling: Notes can specify targeted pace, whether drop or no-drop, etc.

Run: Any group, steady state run. Notes can be used to specify pace, whether course is pavement or trail, whether route is set or not, etc.

Speed/Strength Running: Run workout with track, hill or other speed intervals. Notes can specify pace, structure, etc.


Gear: Any workout that requires or involves gear. Notes can specify type of gear used and whether participants need to BYO.

Obstacle Training: Workout that focuses on preparation for OCR.

Ruck: Notes can specify pace, whether course is set or determined by Q, weight targets, whether pain stations are involved, etc.

Strength/Conditioning/Tabata/WIB: Workout structured around High Intensity Interval Training or AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible).


Wild Card: Anything that’s an outlier or doesn’t fit into the above categories. Ultimate Frisbee, pickup basketball or flag football, etc.