AO: Runway

When: 12/29/2020


Number of Pax: 3

Pax Names: Flux Capacitor, Sludge, Thighmaster,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: ThighMaster

The BackBlast:

Just a few months ago, F3 Salt Lake’s first AO on the east side (Sandy) kicked off.  Looking forward to seeing great things happen here in 2021.

Thankful for Sludge and Flux Capacitor for faithfully showing up every week – regardless of weather, COVID, life’s demands, etc.

Showing up at the Runway, was surprised to see just a very thin layer of snow, but a slippery parking lot. My phone showed 19 degress, but I knew the PAX would stay warm with today’s plan.


SSH IC x 20

LBAC IC x 15 forward, reverse  (leave arms up for next one)

Randy’s IC x 20

Imperial Walker IC x 15

Mountain Climbers IC x 10

Then mosey around the loop west around the soccer field

The Thang

Today’s workout is a AMRAP Series – with one PAX running and the others doing a workout.

To Start the Runner – went to the Island (in the middle of the turn-about in front of the park) and did 3 burpees. Then the runner continued to YHC vehicle, the White Honda Ridgeline (aka Girl Truck) and did 3 more burpees. Then the runner went ran to Flux’s Black Ford Truck (man truck?) and did 3 more burpees. Then runner ran back to the PAX.

Meanwhile the PAX was doing AMRAP of the given routine.  Then a 10-second countdown, and someone new ran.  This continued in rotation until time expired.

The exercises:

ABs First…

Flutter Kicks

Reverse Crunches

Box Cutters

Dead Cockroaches (thanks Kingpin for the idea).



Carolina Dry Docks

Singlet Merkins (Makhtar N’Diaye + Merkin)


Time for Legs

Bonnie Blair

Jump Squats


and with that we were out of time. Great work – the combo or running/burpees only to return and do something like Bonnie Blairs was a real treat. What cold weather?

Random: We had a large black truck, with tinted windows, pull up very close (20 yards?) to where we working out and pause for several minutes. We only figured whoever it was must have been incredibly intimidated by this group of guys doing hard work near a proud American Shovel Flag…


We talked about the future of Runway and looking forward to other guys joining us in 2021 – but how good it was to plant a flag on the East side and start building something.  Here is to a great year ahead and the men we can impact together!

Always my pleasure,


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