AO: Runway

When: 07/20/2021


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Kingpin, Thighmaster,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Dunkin

The BackBlast:

Quotes from the Gloom (heard at various times throughout the workout):

  • “Hey, I’m from out of town.” –COBOL
  • “Who’s on Q?” –Dunkin
  • [pause] “Good question.” –Thighmaster
  • “Oh no, not Dunkin on Q again.” –Kingpin (Can’t remember if he actually said this or his expression said it for him when he arrived just in time to join us for Donkey Kicks.)

Yeah, that’s pretty much how the beatdown started, but on to…

The Thang

  • Warmup
    • Mosey once the parking lot.
    • Prime the Pump (Fairly rapid calf raises while steadying self against a wall.) x40 IC
    • Low Slow Squats x10 IC
    • Merkin x10 IC
    • Little Baby Arm Circles x10 IC (each direction)
  • Plank-o-Rama
    • High Plank
    • Elbow Plank
    • High side plank w/ right arm extended up
    • High Plank
    • High side plank w/ left arm extended up
    • (Pick up Kingpin and do 10 Burpees)
  • Q was initially considering doing a repeat of yesterday’s beatdown at Elk Lodge, since the pax were different today pre-Kingpin. But, with Kingpin showing up…well, I just couldn’t do that to Kingpin two days in a row. So, we instituted a few new forms of torture wholesome full-body exercise.
    • Donkey Kick x15 (Kingpin assured the other pax that we would see more of these later on in the beatdown…)
    • Mosey around the parking lot one more time and find some nice fence.
    • People’s Chair while giving instructions for next sequence.
  • MMF w/ Burpees
    • Run down “Mount Mother Fluxer
    • Touch the far wall/fence
    • Do 10 Burpees
    • Run back up “Mount Mother Fluxer
    • People’s Chair while waiting for the six.
  • Six Minutes of Mary (the pax got somewhat cheated on this yesterday, as we ran out of time, so I made sure to do this earlier on in the workout today)
    • American Hammer
    • American Knockout
    • The Protractor [On your six, legs together extended straight out, call out varying degrees between 5 and 90 and hold each for 20 seconds—Pax selected 45° (Thighmaster), 22.5° (Kingpin), 90° (COBOL), and 10° (Dunkin).
  • Mosey around the parking lot once again
  • The Jackass (as promised), a slightly more intense Donkey Kick where we do DK 10 times and then hold feet against the wall on the last up for 10 seconds. Then 9 DK and hold feet against the wall for 9 seconds. Etc., down to 6 (for now).
  • Mosey around to the other side of the park near the picnic tables (which were bolted down)
  • Picnic Tables obstacle (okay, it’s no Spartan, but had to mix it up a little so Thighmaster felt at home): Run up and over row one of Picnic Tables, touch wall, run back over row two of Picnic Tables, then do 20 Squats – wash and repeat for another round (because the first round was so much fun). I think there were about ten Picnic Tables under the pavilion there.
  • After each round of Picnic Tables hold Al Gore (squat with arms extended in a circular shape in front of body as though you are hugging a tree) while waiting for the six to finish up Squats
  • Just a couple more minutes, so finish up with Freddy Mercuries (x25) and Side Straddle Hops (x25).
  • Back to CoT!

 Moleskine (i.e., Spreadsheets from the Gloom)

Guest Q / Substi-Q / Improvi-Q: Wasn’t expecting to Q today, but a Substi-Q is always a fun experience, especially with the partial Improvi-Q going on (some elements of yesterday’s Q, but several new ones, as well). Knowing that there is always the potential to Substi-Q out there, I tend to look at AO’s from a much different perspective—“I wonder how it would be if we did that exercise over there…”. Definitely gets the creative juices flowing.

Reflections: Something I definitely love about F3 is the ability to post down range. There is rarely an excuse no matter where you are these days to find some F3 brothers and get a good beatdown. It looks like that happened at both #Runway and #RuckingRendezvous this morning. At #Runway, we had pax from Charlotte, St. Louis, and Salt Lake, all meeting in the gloom in a random park in Sandy. So awesome! Grateful that I got to Q again and looking forward to more beatdowns over the next few weeks. SYITG!


  • Next Monday, 07/26 – Family Night at Salt Lake Bees – $5 tickets, $1 hot dogs. Talk to Chef B about tickets (may be too late to be in the same section, but should still be a good time).
  • Next Friday, 07/30Coco and fam head to NC! How many more Q’s can the Nantan get in before he heads back East?

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