When: 01/15/2021


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Hot Pocket, Knope, Punchout,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Coco

The BackBlast:

4 PAX posted at the (now newly-christened) location for #AMP.  Thanks to Punchout’s recon & Google-mapping skills we have an awesome, open and very visible AO for our FDB (Friday Daybreak Beatdown)

SSH (x20 IC)
BWS (x10 IC)LBAC (x10 IC Fwd; x10 IC Rev)
Merkins (x1o IC)

With Oquirrh Lake calling our name for lap around its dark and semi-frozen waters, we launched around the path for some short mileage and PT stops along the way.
PT stops included:
– Merkins (x10 single-count)
– BWS (x20 single-count)
– Burpees (5 OYO)
– Bridge Merkins (x15 single-count)
– Pullups (x10 OYO)
– BWS (x10 single-count)
– Monkey Humpers (x20 IC).  Secret location; not to be disclosed
– Burpees (x10 OYO)
– Bridge Merkins (x20 single-count)
– Burpees (x10 OYO)
– Merkins (x15 single-count)
– …and plenty of planks (& some light yoga/stretching) along the way.

Knope expressed his appreciation for the attention to lower back flexibility and indicted he’d bring everyone a Snuggie next week (or something like that…?!).

TCLAPs to Hot Pocket for his 3rd post since last Friday.
Great to have you brother!  Keep coming and getting stronger.

Glad to be back in the SLC gloom.
Looking forward to setting an example with you of what a great 2021 will look like.
Aye! -Coco

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