AO: MMF (Mount Mother Fluxer)

When: 02/10/2023


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: CueBall, Diesel, Greese, MacDaddy, Sludge,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Flux Capacitor

The BackBlast:

SSH, 20, IC
BW Squat, 20, IC
Polka, 15, IC
LBACs, fwd-front seal clap-reverse, 10 each, IC
Merkins, 20, SC
X-Factor, 15, IC
Abe Vigoda, 15, IC
Hillbillies, 20, IC

PAX moseyed the 0.5-mile loop, stopping at each of the five new exercise stations.

Station 1: take turns doing pullups, one PAX doing pullups while other PAX did 1) BW Squat 2) Bonnie Blairs. Each set was 30 sec with a 20 sec rest and change out PAX on pull-up bar. Each PAX got two rounds on the pull-up bar.
Station 2: Two sets of 20 Merkins, SC
Station 3: Two sets of 20 LBCs, SC
Station 4: Two sets of 20 Merkins, SC
Station 5: Two sets of 20 LBCs, SC

Then it was mosey back to the Flag to throw in some Coupon strength training.
Two sets of 20 Curls,SC
one set of 20 X-Factor, IC
Two sets of 20 OH Press, SC
one set of 20 Freddie Mecury, IC

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