AO: Elk Lodge

When: 08/18/2020


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Double Tree, Kingpin, Punchout,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Coco

The BackBlast:

3 PAX posted in the dark Monday gloom to take charge of the week even before it had begun.  Punchout, Double Tree and YHC formed the 3 amigos for a wild ride at the school playground.

SSH (x20 IC)
BWS (x10 IC)
LBaC (x10 IC; Fwd  x10 IC; Rev)
Imperial Walker (x10 IC)

The Thang:
With the standard warmup complete,  headlamps were engaged and the path to the school playground was illuminated.   The 3 PAX moseyed across the pullup bridge in preparation for a few new tricks.

Swerkins (x10 IC)
BWS (x20)
Repeato (x2)

The PAX recovered and shifted further down to the trailers and pullup bars.
1 PAX inverted themselves on the wall of the nearby trailer for balls to the wall hold.
1 PAX assumed the People’s Chair (wall sit) position
1 PAX functioned as the timer and crushed 5 pullups before running back to trigger the rotation.
Continue to repeat the rotation for 5 minutes… and then 5 more minutes again.

The 3 PAX shifted to the pullup bars for one final round.
2 PAX held in the low squat position while 1 PAX knocked out 5 pullups.
We pivoted to a 5 second static hold (elbows locked at 90 degrees) while the other 2 PAX remained in low squat hold.
Note to self – don’t mess with counting for other PAX (ie. don’t stretch 5 seconds into 10 seconds).  It came back to bite YHC!

New MudGear order is forthcoming… stay tuned for the link once MudGear gets it loaded.
Planning continues for F3 Family Day this coming Saturday, Aug. 22.  Ms & 2.0s (both boys & girls) welcome and encouraged to attend.
Punchout is working on an F3SLC CSAUP involving a looooong ruck.  Stay tuned for more details as they develop.

Aye! -Coco

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