AO: MMF (Mount Mother Fluxer)

When: 06/09/2023


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Flux Capacitor, Greese, MacDaddy, Sludge,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Flux Capacitor

The BackBlast:

SSH, Alternating Side Squats, BW Squats, LBACs, Merkins, Frozen Flutter Kick, Dolly, Grass Grabber, Polka, Imp. Walker
1. Coupon carry over to top of MMF. The coupon is our friend.
-10 coupon Merkins IC, 10 coupon Kettle Bell Swings, 5 coupon Triceps extensions.
2. Rifle carry coupon to bottom of MMF. Do three sets of 20 WWII sit ups using coupon to hold feet.
3. Carry coupon back up MMF. At top, do 3 sets of 20 (IC) curls 4 the girlz with coupon.
4. Side carry coupon back down MMF, alternating holding hand half way down. At bottom, 3 rapid sets of 7 IC Freddie Mercurys, 5-sec. rest between each set.
5. Carry coupon back up MMF and do 10 IC Coupon Merkins, 10 Coupon kettle bell swings, and 10 IC Curls 4 girlz.
6. Ditch coupon, and run down and back up MMF as fast as possible. Rifle Carry coupon back to the flag.
20 flutter Kicks, IC and 15 Dollys, IC
Annual neighborhood fish fry and shrimp boil at Flux’s (well, really Wildflower Park) in Sandy, on Saturday. All are welcome.
Discussed setting up a Saturday F1/F2 combo, like Ultimate Frisbee or pickleball.

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