AO: Runway

When: 01/12/2021


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Coco, Flux Capacitor, Kickstand, Milk Man, Sludge, Thighmaster, Trinity,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: ThighMaster

The BackBlast:

A new AO Record – 8 PAX showed at Runway to push each other and get a little better.

And, it’s never too early to work on that summer 6-pack!

The PAX welcomed back Coco after a 2 month stint in the Carolinas, and Kickstand back after completing a family expansion a few months ago.

Odd thing about the Utah winters, sometimes you get 21 degrees and it feels mild and almost warm out. However, not entirely sure if it was the weather, or the work being done on this fine morning.


SSH IC x 26

Willie Mays Hayes IC x 10

Imperial 4 Pack:  Imperial Walker IC x 10, Hillbilly IC x 10, Imperial Squat Walker IC x 10, and Short Hillbilly (Squat) IC x 10

HR Merkins IC x 10

PAX then moseyed around the Soccer field to the West, all the way to the far end, where we set up shop.


In a workout inspired heavily by F3 Chattanooga…

6 Ab focused exercises – followed by an ‘earned’ bonus exercise, then a run to the end of both youth soccer fields, and hard run back (trying desperately to keep up with Crude Masamba).  Then Start over with the Ab cycle.

1- Bradley Coopers HC x 20

2- Freddie Mercury IC x 10

3- LBC IC x 10

4 – Dying Cockroach IC x 10 (note: Despite my title of Dead Cockroach for this one – the pax were actually still alive, though barely)

5- Flutter Kicks IC x 20

6 – Box Cutter IC x 10

Bonus Exercises:  Round one (20 Air Squats), Round two (20 Merkins), Round three (10 Burpees OYO), Round four (Mtn Climber)

On first run – PAX went hard both ways.

On second run – PAX moseyed on the way out and shared what is the hardest thing they have to do this week with the PAX next to him. Then, ran hard back to start.

On third run – PAX moseyed on the way out and shared the names and ages of their kids with the PAX next to them. One of the reasons we are out here working hard and staying mentally and physically strong is so we can lead our 2.0s.

(Just as we were starting round one – a stranger emerged in the middle of the dark soccer field. We are used to strange things at Runway, but this time it was just Kickstand returning after a couple month break).

After 4 rounds of Abs – the clock was expiring and the PAX hustled back to the flag.

COT – mentioned Kingpin and his family still getting over Covid and invited the group to consider a rally to the West side for Saturday’s workout at the Shadows.

A great morning at Runway – great to see guys working hard on the East side. Good things happening in Sandy.

Always an honor to Q an F3 workout!



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