AO: MMF (Mount Mother Fluxer)

When: 08/05/2022


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Flux Capacitor, Lockout, MacDaddy, Thighmaster,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Beefcake

QIC: ThighMaster

The BackBlast:

Great morning at MMF as we got to see the F3 Brotherhood in action.

On a Friday when our AOs were a looking to be light on attendance with so much summer travel…

At MMF, we down range posts from St. Louis (Misfire) and Phoenix (Genie) and an FNG (Beefcake – MacDaddy’s 2.0) to push our count to 8.  Was cool to see PAX from 19-57 years old, some who didn’t know each other before today, have instant brotherhood.  YHC picked up Genie at his hotel…coasting into the pitch-black parking lot, Genie opened the door and hopped in before hardly a word was said. Not many places does that happen.

Now for the action..


SSH IC x 25

LBAC forward IC x 10, Overhead Seal Claps IC x 20, and reverse Fonzies IC x 20.

WMH IC x 10

Grass Grabbers IC x 10

IPW IC x 10

Clock Merkins – plank and do 3 Merkins, moving through all 12 hours

Mosey to lower parking lot down the hill to the south, for…

Pre-Thang = Time Under Tension

  • Partner Exercise.
    • Part one: Partner A does squats for 60 seconds. Partner B holds a deep squat. After a minute of thigh burning, flap jack.
    • Part two: Partner A does Merkins for 60 seconds. Partner B hold a good form plank. After a minute, flap jack.

PAX then moseyed to the base of Mount Mother Fluxer for..

The Thang

Starting at the bottom of the mighty MMF, PAX did 5 Burpees and then ran to the top.

At the top, Pax repeated the 5 Burpees and add 10 Bonnie Blairs for each leg. If you’ve ever ran up MMF, you know how freakin’ impossible those burpees are when you first reach the top. Bonus points to MisFire from St. Louis for dealing with the humidity.

PAX held a plank and waited for the 6.

PAX then ran down the hill – hey MMF isn’t so bad – and repeated the burpees, bonnie blairs, and added 15 Monkey Humpers – followed by plank. The enjoyment was increased as the sprinkler came on to soak the PAX mid workout.

Back up MMF – nope, not getting easier @#$%!.  At the top repeated the 3 exercises and added 20 Carolina Dry Docks and then planked.

Back down, spirits are amazingly good again and chatter resumes.  Repeated the prior 4 exercises and added 25 Merkins. Sprinklers are amazingly effective.

Back up MMF for final round – repeating the 5 initial exercises and adding 30 Squats, because our legs were feeling fine.

Mosey back to the flag for a little marry:

  • Flutter Kicks IC; 10 Regular speed, 10 Fast speed, and final 10 slow and getting sloooowwwwer.
  • Box Cutter IC x 20.


Shared again how great it was to see this wide range of men from various ages and locations come together and do things that few men (outside the 60K F3 PAX around the world) are willing to do. We all have different people counting on us to be there – to have the answers, to have the strength, to have the capacity to love and lead.

We named our young Navy FNG 2.0 Beefcake, as he has gained 30 pounds of good weight since leaving high school.  We wish him well as he serves our country.

We prayer for leadership, for growth, and for Sandbag’s mom still healing from her surgery.

Always a pleasure to Q a workout. It was a blast to meet MisFire and Genie – two strong HIMs who represent their regions well.

Coffeteria ensued!

Until next time,




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