AO: Copper Beach

When: 04/13/2022


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Domo, Doogie, Frostbyte, Jimmy Choo, Thighmaster,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: ThighMaster

The BackBlast:

When Utah weather turns things upside down with 6 inches of snow and temperatures in the 20s in the 2nd week of April…you don’t fight it. You embrace it.

And, the idea for Wacky Wednesday was born.

A little research through the Exicon, and a bunch of idea ‘borrowing’ from F3 backblasts around the country, and I knew we could mix things up today.

Weather Watch: We were watching the temperatures pretty close: Frostbyte said that the lowest April 13th temperature on record for Salt Lake City was 23 degrees and we were forecasted to be close. I don’t think we achieved it last time I checked…but not sure that is a record you want to win?

Disclaimer was given:

  • I’m not a professional
  • These workout ideas are suggestions – modify as necessary
  • I don’t know the limits of your body or any injuries – modify as necessary


Noteworthy – we didn’t do SSH during Warm-a-Rama today!

  • LBAC – forward and reverse – IC x 10 each way
  • Sprinklers – IC x 10  (arms out front of you – move arms to the left, and raise your left knee and move to the right. Then reverse the other side – great back stretch)
  • WMH IC x 10
  • Grass Grabbers IC x 10
  • Mtn Climbers IC x 20
  • Smurf Jacks IC x 10

Worthy Mumble Chatter – Jimmy Choo said he hardly has to squat down to do Smurf Jacks because of his height. Could be worth calling these Jimmy Jacks in the future?

Short Mosey to the Basketball court for the Thang? NOOOO…Wacky Wednesday brings MARY after the warm -up instead of at the end.


  • LBFC (Little Baby Flutter Crunches) – IC x 20  (make the flutter motion, but only count the crunches – this was a good burn)
  • Dying Cockroach – IC x 10
  • Box Cutter – IC x 20

Then PAX moseyed down the trail to the North and East to arrive at Midas Creek Elementary, around back of schoool.


Partner Exercises (we had an odd number so I joined Doogie and Jimmy Choo, while Frostbyte and Domo paired up)

Each exercise had an A and B component. One partner would do the routine (A) AMRAP and one would travel (B), then flap jack.

Special effort was made to mix up some normal exercises for Wacky Wednesday.

  • Break Dance Merkins (A) – we used a movement from the F3 Exicon, but Domo demoed a true break dance style Merkin that we may use in the future.
  • Run Backwards to the Fire Hydrant across the playground and back
  • Toe Squats (A)
  • Crawl Bear (B) – thats right, backward bear crawls there and back. This might have been the hardest move of the morning and about 30% longer than anyone truly wanted.
  • Chilly Jacks (A)
  • Walk Crab (B) – yes, backward crab crawls to the hydrant – then run backward to the start
  • Chicken Peckers (A) – Legs on Wall, Head down facing wall – then do shoulder taps. They are a good time!
  • Vertigo – Right spin (B) – travel by spinning right with each forward step. This gets the PAX wobbly!
  • Groiners (A)
  • Vertigo – Left spin (B) – travel by spinning left

Mosey back to Copper Beach, but since we already did Mary we wrapped with two group exercises.

  • Elevator Merkins. Three levels, basement, main floor, and penthouse. The Q shouted the next move of the elevator.  Ended with Frostbyte giving a 10 count while we held main floor.
  • SSH  (We closed with the normal first workout move in honor of Wacky Wednesday)


Announcements and prayers

This weekend, Saturday’s workout will move to 8am for a joint Easter Family workout with FiA

Good things happening at the Sandy AOs – 5 PAX yesterday, even without a few regulars!

Frostbyte’s daughter, Livi, has been battling a cold for about a week

Knope’s interview and job hunt process

It was fun to design a workout to mix up some of our normal exercises and go with the Wacky Wednesday theme. Even better, the F3 mindset of not letting the weather stop us from getting the work done was on display the last 2 days. While other people in our lives were letting the weather stop them, we have showed up across 4 different AOs in the last 48 hours to get 1% better. I’m thankful for the push we give each other. Now lets go lead and love others well!







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