AO: Elk Lodge

When: 08/09/2021


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: 6 Pack, Big Tee, ChefB, Domo, Kingpin, Stimpy, Thighmaster,

Number of FNGS: 2

FNG Names: Gumby, Motel6

QIC: Dunkin

The BackBlast:

Quotes from the Gloom (heard at various times throughout the workout):

  • “I’m Dustin, otherwise known as Dunkin.”
  • “Wait, is it Dunkin or Dustin?”
  • “I’m Thighmaster.”
  • “Say what?!”

It’s always fun to welcome unsuspecting FNG’s to the mix. The above introductions were how it all started, but on to…

The Thang

  • Warmup
    • Side Straddle Hop x25 IC
    • Low Slow Squats x10 IC
    • Little Baby Arm Circles x10 IC (each direction)
    • Mountain Climbers x10 IC
    • Merkin x10 IC
  • Mosey Lap around the school
  • Wall Sequence #1
    • People’s Chair (while waiting for the six)
      • Stay in People’s Chair while doing…
    • People’s Chair/Jack Reachers (Air Presses) x50 IC (yep, that’s 100 total)
    • Donkey Kicks x15
  • Mosey half lap around the school
  • Apple Turnover
    • Performed on East side of school along a row of trees.
    • Bear Crawl from first tree to second tree.
    • At second tree, flip to Crab Walk until third tree.
    • At third tree, flip back to Bear Crawl, etc.
    • There were 7 or 8 trees in total, varying distances between each.
    • High Plank to wait for the six.
  • Squat x20 IC
  • Wall Sequence #2
    • The Jackass (a crowd favorite), a slightly more intense Donkey Kick where we do DK 10 times and then hold feet against the wall on the last up for 10 seconds. Then 9 DK and hold feet against the wall for 9 seconds. Etc., down to 5.
    • It was at this point that some Pax may have been heard to say that YHC was synonymous with his chosen exercise. “Man, Dunkin is a…”
  • Give dirty look to wall and mosey over to grassy field out back of school (yes, YHC made sure that the grass was freshly watered before next sequence)
  • The Perp Walk (another classic crowd pleaser). Make your way across the field via walking lunges with three stops along the way. Hands behind the head the whole time.
    • No Surrender x10 each side (at beginning, middle, and end of field) – basically a single leg get-up
    • Convict Walking Lunges in between stops
    • End with Freddie Mercuries until all Pax have made it across the field.
    • So, basically, hands are behind the head the entire length of the field while doing the various exercises and waiting for last Pax to finish.
    • Due to time constraints, we were unable to add on the much-anticipated Cross Walk (exact same as Perp Walk, but with arms spread wide like a cross the whole time).
  • Mosey back to CoT and finish up with Hallelujah Toy Soldiers (Toy Soldiers, but with arms extended straight up to the sky in order to engage the core more).

Moleskine (i.e., Spreadsheets from the Gloom)

FNG’s: It was great having so many Pax show to welcome our newest FNG’s; viz., Gumby and Motel6 (who may choose to go by M6 going forward, as it sounds more like a British spy group than a less-reputable hotel). They fit right in and hope to see them at many more beatdowns.

Reflections: So grateful for the continuous brotherhood from the men of F3 Salt Lake. At this point I’m not sure if I feel more connected to the Pax here in Utah or those back home with F3 Waxhaw. I’ve spent about the same amount of time with both groups (two months each), but have now actually Q’ed more times here in Utah than back in NC (three Q’s in UT vs. two Q’s in NC). Such a good group of guys at the workout this morning. It’s been great to see so many of you at multiple workouts, rucks, and/or hikes and three of you for the first time this morning (viz., BigTee, Gumby, and Motel6). I can hardly wait to see how the region grows between now and the next time I come out here to post. Keep up the EH’ing!


  • 2nd F: No firm date, yet, but Chef B is cooking up a family-friendly mini golf outing. More to come from our local chef or stay tuned to the Slack Channel #2ndf.
  • Domo VQ! Come one, come all! Domo has been perfecting his Weinke for a couple of years now and will finally unveil it this Wednesday (08/11) at #CopperBeach.
  • Last week posting with F3 Salt Lake for YHC. Looking forward to a few more beatdowns before heading back to NC! See you in the Gloom!

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