AO: The Shadows

When: 05/15/2022


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Big Tee, Kimchi, Kingpin, Knope, Mud Hut, Raging Cheetah, Thighmaster,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Frostbyte

The BackBlast:


Typical Frostbyte/Webslinger selections, including SSH, Imperial Walkers, Grass Grabbers, a Little Baby Arm Circles routine with others interspersed while holding the arms up, Merkins, and Air Squats.

The Thang

YHC posted a hint in Slack the night before of the attached GIF from the 80s classic “Balls to the Wall”. Nobody recognized, in fact a few claimed they had never heard of it. This was surprising to YHC who knows it despite not being the connoisseur of 80s rock that some of our other PAX are. Nevertheless, YHC proceeded to explain that based on the Exicon move called Balls to the Wall, we would be doing a number of exercises using a wall. In fact, all exercises performed were straight from the Exicon, searching for “wall”.

The PAX were lead on a mosey around the fire station on the southeast side of the AO.
Side bar: To YHC’s knowledge, this area has not yet been used for The Shadows in our nearly 3 years of workouts there. Maybe we thought it would be too annoying to the fire fighters living there. Not to worry; we made plenty of noise today and barely a soul was seen from the fire station.

The general layout of our beatdown was then discussed:

  • A wall exercise
  • 10 reps of an exercise in the parking lot next door
  • Run to the other side of the building
  • 10 reps of a different exercise
  • Run back to the beginning location for the next wall exercise

The following wall exercises were performed, pulled straight from the Exicon:

Balls to the Wall

Aka BTTW. Standing upside down on your hands with your feet above your head facing any type of structure that will support your body. As close to the wall as you can as the name implies.

Donkey Kicks

While planking near a wall with your feet facing the wall, kick both feet up on wall above your body.

Dirty Hookup

Performed as 4 count exercise. Pax plank up, facing a wall with eyes on wall. “1” Right hand raised to press against the wall, “2” Left hand raised to the wall (now in horizontal plank), “3” Right hand down to ground, “4” Left hand down (back to plank position)

Chicken Peckers

Feet up on the Wall, Hands on the ground. IC lift your hand and touch your opposite shoulder.

Hip Slapper

Hands on the ground, feet on the wall, head and justifier facing the wall. Raise one hand and slap same side hip while balancing on other hand. Flapjack.

People’s Chair

Sitting against a wall with knees bent at a 90-degree angle for a period of time TBD by the workout leader.

London Bridge

Starting position is plank with your head at the base of a wall. In Cadence move one hand up to the wall, then the other hand to the wall (so your balanced against the wall with both hands) then move one hand to the ground and the other hand to the ground.

Wall Worms

Start in the Balls to the Wall position, inch your way to the left or right using your hands on the ground and feet on the wall. Alternately, you can inch your hands out out from and feet down the wall into a more horizontal position and back up.

Ascending Testicles

Cousin of Balls to the Wall. Start with feet on wall in 15 degree descending Merkin (Derkin) position. Do 10 Derkins then walk feet up wall to 45 degree Derkin position. 10 more Derkins then walk feet up wall to full Balls to the Wall pose. Can add 10 more Derkins here if you’re tough enough. Or hold in BTTW pose.

By the last two, all PAX were feeling smoked, YHC included.

Mosey’ed back to the flag as the bell rung.

Circle of Trust

Discussed upcoming hiking plans (see the Peakbagger channel in Slack) and another Kingpin’s Cabin special in June.

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