AO: The Shadows

When: 06/26/2021


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Big Tee, Black Diamond, Domo, Jimmy Choo, Kingpin, Lockout, Night Train, Radio, Thighmaster,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: ThighMaster

The BackBlast:

The F3 Salt Lake PAX were active on this Saturday…

9 PAX showed at The Shadows.  5 PAX showed at the Herriman Trail Series 10K. 1 PAX showed up for an ultra trail marathon in Park City.

Feeling grateful for our health to do all these crazy things and for the bonds of friendship we share.

At the Shadows…

We were greeted with the return of Radio who has been gone too long (changing jobs, changing addresses, etc)!


SSH IC x 25

LBAC IC x 10 forward + reverse

Jack Reacher IC x 35ish

IPW IC x 15

Mtn Climber IC x 10

10 Burpees OYO

The Thang

We started with a mosey around the track that outlines The Shadows and the stopped at each corner for a little fun.

I brought two dice. The black die set the number of reps and the white die set the actual exercise. We continued around the track stopping and rolling and rolling until every PAX had a chance to roll.  The PAX who rolled it, got to Q that exercise.

Reps:  1 =5, 2 = 10, 3 = 15, 4=20, 5=25, 6=40

Exercises: 1=Jump Squats, 2=Bonnie Blair, 3= Merkins, 4=Monkey Humpers, 5= Side Shuffle Hop, 6= Burpees

Highlights of this round included PAX getting to do Monkey Humpers next to the road (no police where called??) and then Domo’s double sixes thus giving the Pax the opportunity to do 40 Burpees OYO.  We quickly followed that up with another 20.

After the rollin’ a bunch of exercises, the PAX moseyed to the Rock Garden.  The PAX then selected their own rock and circled up for another round of rollin’ dice.  Same Quantities as previous, but the exercises changed to use the rocks.

1=Curls for the girls, 2=Bradley Coopers, 3=Bent over Rows, 4=Squats, 5= Flutter Kicks, 6=Overhead Press

After each PAX rolled, we moseyed back to the flag where we wrapped up with 30 IC Box Cutters.

COT/Wrap up

We announced Kingpin’s Q coming on Monday, as well as his band performing tonight;

We remembered Night Train’s brother in law Ryan who passed away way too soon. Night Train shared some beautiful words, reminding us to be grateful for each day, to not let the small things impact our lives, and then to really live our lives and thus honor Ryan.

We continue to pray for Sandbag’s family and all his daughter is going through.

Gents, its always an honor to Q an F3 workout. Thanks for pushing hard and pushing each other today.







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