AO: Copper Beach

When: 03/17/2021


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: ChefB, Domo, Frostbyte, Kingpin, Knope, Stimpy, Thighmaster,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: ThighMaster

The BackBlast:

7 PAX met in the gloom at Copper Beach to defeat the FS and get better…and well, there was another important reason….

It’s Bonnie Blair Birthday Week!  Her actual Birthday is tomorrow (March 18).  If you don’t know much about Bonnie Blair (Wikipedia)- she is a retired speed skater and one of the most decorated Olympic athletes in history with 5 gold medals and a bronze while appearing in 4 Olympics. In her honor, F3 has an exercise called the Bonnie Blair, and with that in mind…


SSH IC x 20

LBAC – IC x 10 – forward and reverse – leaving arms up for…

OH Seal Claps IC x 10

Willie Mays Hayes IC x 10

Paul Blart IC x 10

Then PAX moseyed around the track to the South of the Park.

At this point – there are 6 PAX, but in the distance we think we hear Kingpin’s tires squealing through the greater Copper Beach area!

Arriving back at the North End of the parking lot – Kingpin arrived as well  – paid the 5 penalty burpees and we all got to work.

The Thang

Part One:

Killer Bs: Starting on the East side of the parking lot, the PAX broad jumped 3 parking spaces, the stopped for 10 burpees OYO, 10 Bonnie Blairs (10 for each leg), and 10 Bradley Coopers (SLC’s renamed BBS).  Then proceeded to broad jump another 3 parking spaces and repeat the same sequence. Wrapped up with a 3 set of broad jumps followed by exercises.

The PAX then bear crawled all the way back to the start and held a plank waiting for the 6.

Part Two:

The PAX then took off in the darkness down the trail to the North of the park for the Escalator.

We stopped several times along the way to build the following…

Stop one – 5 Burpees OYO

Stop two – Do the 5 Burpees, and add 10 Bonnie Blairs (10 each leg)

Stop three – Do all prior exercises and add 20 Merkins OYO

Stop four – Do all the prior and add 25 Monkey Humpers – did these together, single count.

Started Mosey back through the neighborhood heading to Copper Beach

Stop five – Do all the prior exercises and add 30 body weight squats on the end.

With thighs burning we coasted back into Copper Beach.

There seem to be some confusion. The PAX thought it was 6:15, but pretty sure my watch said there was just enough time for 10 more Bonnie Blairs (10 for each leg).



  • We are trying to find time to do the South Jordan 10K Ruck together. Sounding like Friday AM at 5AM. Watch Slack for details.
  • The planned F2 go cart trip this week has been postponed.

Closed in a prayer – Grateful for the health we have to do hard things. Remembered some healing PAX – Coco (shoulder), Sludge (knee) and Hollywood (knee).

Another great morning doing things that we would never do on our own.  Great work fellas, thankful for the way we push each other.

Lets go care for and lead others.




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