AO: The Shadows

When: 07/15/2023


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Big Tee, Cowabunga, Domo, Frostbyte, Jimmy Choo, Kingpin, MacDaddy, Mud Hut, Raging Cheetah, Thighmaster,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: ThighMaster

The BackBlast:

11 PAX + a 2.0 Hit the Shadows to get some work in before the heat.

Great to have F3 Sheets from Boise posting down range with us the last couple of days.

The menu for today, an F3 Salt Lake Classic, “The 801”

(Actually – maybe not officially a classic yet, we’ve only done a couple times but the goal is to develop a tough workout around the primary area code for the Salt Lake valley – 800 reps + 1 mile run).



LBAC forward IC x 15 + OH Seal Claps IC  x 25  + Angry Fonzies IC x 15 + Randys IC x 10 + keep arms up while 5 Core Principles are stated (then recover)

WM Hayes IC x 10

Toy Soldiers IC x 10

Copper Head Squat IC x 10

Merkins SC x 20 + Plank Jacks IC x 10 + Mtn Climbers IC x 10

PAX then grabbed coupons and moseyed toward the Rock Garden.

The Thang – The 801

PAX Partnered up for the 801 workout. Reason to partner was to keep this from being a solo workout and to have the brotherhood support along the way.

Do 25 Reps of each of the 8 exercises – all with Coupons, then run one lap around the Rock Garden (approx quarter mile). Do this 4 times for a total of 800 reps + one mile = 801 Workout.

  1.  Block Merkins
  2.  Curls for the Gurls
  3.  Kettle Block Swings
  4.  Block Lunges
  5. Tricep Press with Block
  6.  Bent Over Rows
  7.  Block Squat
  8.  Over head press

PAX worked hard on this one – the last couple passes were pretty hard for YHC today. Appreciated F3 Sheets jumping in and giving me a push.


Announcements:  Hike coming on Jan 29th to Sun Dial Peak (watch Peak Bagger channel for details), Kingpin’s Cabin couples night is August 4th, Monday Q at Elk Lodge is Big Tee.

Great to see PAX keeping the foot on the gas. A bunch of the crew crushed Spartan last week, since then one PAX has committed to IronMan in 2024, a couple are talking marathons, and the Grow Ruck in Boise is coming in September. Grateful to be around a group that keeps thinking of opportunities to do great/dumb things and aren’t being limited by our old boundaries. Also, the instant brotherhood F3 provides was on display today as F3 Sheets from Boise jumped right in.

TCaps to Domo. Raging Cheetah acknowledge the incredible accomplishment to go from Chemo to the Spartan Beast in just a few months.

Prayers:  NCMO’s ankle, Road Rage’s ankle, Stimpy’s upcoming test.


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