AO: The Shadows

When: 01/21/2023


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Black Diamond, eBoy, Frostbyte, Geronimo, Jimmy Choo, Kimchi, Kingpin, Mayhem, Mud Hut, NCMO, Raging Cheetah, Thighmaster,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: ThighMaster

The BackBlast:

It was dark, it was cold, but 14 crazy people (12 PAX and 2 2.0s) thought it was an excellent idea to show up.

Today’s goal was to partner up and do a something we could never do on our own, and then get chance to push it solo at the end.

Pretty impressed with this group today.

Also, great to see Mr. Kotter – Geronimo back in the gloom.

Disclaimer was given – focused on form and modifying as necessary with the use of coupons.


SSH IC – 31

BWS SC – 20

LBAC – 11 forward, 15 OH seal claps, 21 angry fonzies

WMH – IC 10

Tempo Merkins – 15

Burpees – 5 OYO + about 20 more reciting the core principles

Mosey lap – to drop cones

The Thang

Part One -Goal 100 Blockees (Burpees with a Block/Coupon)

We partnered up – recommended the PAX pair with a runner, or just the normal – choose the best looking guy.

Starting on the West side of the track – One partner starts on the 100 Blockees, while the other ran to the Southwest corner gazebo and used the picnic table to do 5 box jumps, 5 Irkins, and 5 Derkins – then sprint back and flap jack.

This one took some endurance and some push – nice job!

Part Two – back to solo work – Merkin Ladder

Cones in 4 corners of the track.

Do 5 Merkins, sprint to next corner 10 Merkins, next corner 15 Merkins, next corner 20 Merkins, back to start 25 merkins (top of ladder), then continue round a second loop, dropping 5 merkins each corner until back at start and do the final 5.  Total = 125 Merkins. This was a speedy show with NCMO and Frostbyte pushing the pace.  All the PAX pushed hard and got this one done.

Wrapped with 5 minutes of Mary

YHC – X Factors – 25 IC

Kingpin – Hello Dolly – 20 IC

EBoy – Superman Planks – 15 IC

Jimmy Choo – Baby Flex – 15 IC


Thoughts / Announcements

  • Encouraged guys to grab the Q or Co-Q the next couple weeks
  • Discussed the importance of not taking health for granted and getting annual physcials
  • Raging Cheetah had his 61st bday and is out here crushing us


  • Domo’s treatment
  • Unspoken needs


Always grateful to Q an F3 workout. Been thinking alot lately how grateful I am for health and how fast it can change. Was thinking during this workout how this group of people gave up sleep in warm beds to come out and push each other. Each person matters. The momentum and push we get from each other is unmatched.

Today’s workout was a Nod to the F3 Salt Lake Godfather, Cocco. I googled “F3 Backblast Cocco” and found something he did in July of 2017 back in Carolina. We didn’t replicate exactly as I swapped the pull-up burpees with something that fit our AO and group size and did Blockees – but the Merkin ladder was straight from his Q. Grateful for what he planted in Salt Lake and committed to keeping it rolling and growing.  Here is the backblast I used for inspiration.

Until next time,


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