AO: Copper Beach

When: 02/23/2022


Number of Pax: 17

Pax Names: Domo, Doogie, Dough Boy, Frostbyte, Geronimo, Haggis, Hammer Time, Kingpin, Knope, Lockout, Longhaul, NorthPaw, Stimpy, ThinMint,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Sweet Potato

QIC: ThighMaster

The BackBlast:

Today was an F3 day – with 15 degree temperatures and 4-6 of fresh snow – it was a day that many people go into excuses mode about it being cold, dark, snowy, and use it as a reason to not do things.  On the flip side – F3 Salt Lake showed up big with a Copper Beach record of 17 PAX and all got a little bit better.

Our pleasure to host all the way from North Carolina, F3 Nantan and CEO, Slaughter, who certainly answered the bell as well today.

YHC shared a disclaimer and we got after it…



Grass Grabber IC x 10

LBAC IC x 10 forward – keeping arms up –

Overhead seal claps IC x 20 – keeping arms up-

Angry Fonzies (LBAC in reverse with thumbs facing down) IC x 15.

Merkins SC x 20 – then holding plank-

Mountain Climbers IC x 10 – then still holding plank –

Plank Jacks IC x 10 – recover

The Thang

PAX started to Mosey to the west, taking the loop around the neighbor hood….

Stopping about a 1/4 in, YHC pulled out a back of change and gave it to Geronimo.

Nickels = 5 Burpees

Dimes = 10 Merkins

Quarters = 25 BWS

Geronimo’s bag was $1.00, consisting of 3 Quarters, 1 nickel, and 2 dimes. He Qed this section in fine form.

PAX Moseyed on around the loop for another 1/4 or so, and then Longhaul was given a bag of change.

It was about now when things went off the rails.  His bag was $1.00 with 9 nickels (45 burpees), 3 dimes (30 merkins), and 1 quarter.

Longhaul had us doing all kinds of burpee variations – broad jumps, 4 x 4, Oyo that somehow equaled 45 burpees…but felt like more.

It was also this part of the morning that the face first in the snow became more obvious.

The PAX dusted off and continued around the loop – this time Frostbyte took the helm.

Frostbyte’s bag was $1.00 with 5 nickels (25 burpees), 5 dimes (50 Merkins), and a quarter.

The PAX then made it back to the AO, where time wasn’t our friend.

We wrapped with another F3 Salt Lake naming twist – with BBS – called Bradley Coopers SC x 30.

COT/Wrap Up

We found out that 3 of the PAX posting today are new to F3 SLC in February – courtesy of FNG February.  Kudos to those men for posting in this weather. F3 makes you into a man that doesn’t let the weather or the time of day prevent him from living a full life. We congratulated these men for joining the movement.

We welcomed FNG Wayne – now known as Sweet Potato.

We prayed for Longhaul and his family and for his mother’s illness.

We prayed for YHC’s Sister and what sounds like amazing news with lots of hope in the next couple months.

Thankful for the safe travel for everyone today.

I’m blown away by the turnout today. I’m always grateful for the opportunity to Q an F3 workout and be apart of such a great group of men.

Sky’s the limit. Let’s keep growing. Let’s keep sharing this with other men.

Now, let’s go love and lead our families and others in our life!




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