AO: The Shadows

When: 10/15/2022


Number of Pax: 20

Pax Names: Big Tee, Black Diamond, Domo, eBoy, Frostbyte, Gold Digger, Jimmy Choo, Kingpin, Lockout, MacDaddy, Mayhem, Mud Hut, Raging Cheetah,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Roadkill

QIC: ThighMaster

The BackBlast:

It was a great Saturday at the Shadows! One of the biggest days we’ve had with 20 PAX, including an FNG, and a couple down range posters.

The disclaimer was given and we kicked off on time with a workout featuring several new burpee ideas borrowed from F3 Alpha.


SSH IC x 30

LBAC IC x 15 + Overhead Seal Claps IC x 20 + Angry Fonzis, Reverse IC x 25

Grass Grabbers IC x 20

Imperial Walkers IC x 10

Mountain Climbers IC x 10 (don’t recover yet, while we were down there we also did…)

Shoulder Taps IC x 20

Plank Jacks IC x10 (now recover)

10 Burpees OYO (along with announcement that we had missed celebrating National Burpee Day this week and would make up for it today)>

PAX then set off on a Mosey around to the pull-up bars – Led by Web Slinger, Frostbyte’s young and mighty 2.0.

The Thang

Part 1 – At the Pull-up Bars;  10 Contra Burpees

Contra Burpee = The first burpee is standard stuff. But, burpee #2 now includes 2 Merkins in the middle instead of one. Burpee 3 – adds another. This continues up to Burpee #10 which includes the 10 Merkins.

This one got kinda hard and set the tone for the day.

Pax tallied 55 Merkins within the 10 Burpees.

Pax then headed West and towards Kingpin’s Backyard for…

Part 2 – a 7s routine with Double Shot of Jackies Burpees on one end and Hugh Jackman Burpees on the other. In between, the PAX ran approximately 40 yards across the park.

Double Shot of Jackies Burpees = Regular Burpee with a Plank Jack after the Merkin, and when you jump up – add a SSH (Jumping Jack). So each Burpee includes 2 Jacks.

Hugh Jackman Burpees = Regular Burpee but after the merkin part, raise right arm up in the air and back down – complete a 2nd Merkin, then lift left arm in the air and back down – complete a 3rd merkin, then pop up and finish the Burpee.

Like a typical 7 routine – 6 Double Shots of Jackies on one side, and one Hugh Jackman on the other. Then 5/2, 4/3, etc until its 1/6.

PAX pushed hard on this and tallied 42 Burpees, 18 Merkins, 21 Plank Jacks, and 21 SSH.

Pax then moseyed west to Merlot Hill for…

Part 3 – Time was limited, but we needed to make a couple trips up Merlot Hill. We featured BDE Burpees and regular burpees.

BDE Burpees = Regular Burpee, but after the jump at the end, add a Bonnie Blair for each leg, and a squat.

PAX did 5 regular burpees at the bottom of Merlot Hill then ran to the top for 5 BDE Burpees, then back to the bottom and held a low plank waiting for the 6.

PAX did 5 BDEs at the bottom and ran up to the top for 5 regular burpees.

This Hill takes it out of you! PAX pushed hard and tallied another 20 Burpees.

PAX then took the mosey back to the flag.


We wrapped up with naming our FNG, Roadkill. Was great to have Vitamin J in town from F3 Anaheim, and Screech, Frostbyte’s brother in town.

We prayed for safe travels for Roadkill and Vitamin J and that we’d all take the effort from this day back to our families to lead and love them well.

Couple of notes…

Our FNG, Roadkill found out about F3 while watching YouTube back home in Virginia. He knew he needed to check it out. He headed west as a long haul trucker and found a beatdown that fit his schedule here in Salt Lake. He now has an F3 name and will find instant brotherhood across the country wherever he stops.

After today’s workout, Raging Cheetah and I headed to Provo for a 5K run. It was his first race since having major knee surgery earlier this year. He has worked his butt off for this day. I was happy to share the moment and try my best to pace him. In the end, I ran a very fast 5K for me – and he still beat me by 10 seconds or so. Kudos to RC for making 60 yrs of age look like nothing but a number and his ability to push to return to health has been so inspiring.

Gents – always a pleasure to Q a workout for these fine men.

Until next time,


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